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Poor financial management (not the coronavirus) is causing Airlines to fail


Almost half of the world’s leading Passenger Airlines were in financial danger BEFORE the coronavirus exploded out of a Wuhan seafood market and spread aroun...

UK Acquisition Activity Set To Rise?


2017 has already seen heightened acquisition activity involving UK companies and it appears to be showing no signs of slowing down.  

Multi-million pound deals featuring the likes...

What does the future hold for the US retail market?


Last week the American Retail giant Toys R Us, Inc filed for bankruptcy in North America to help restructure its debts.

Amid increased competition technological changes Toys R Us made moves...

Analysing the global airline industry


The global airline industry has experienced a turbulent few months. Whether it’s been the increase in global fuel prices, the United Airlines booking scandal or the United States imposing tra...

Who’s next in the Car Makers takeover carousel?


With news of Peugeot taking over GM’s European operations in a complex multi-billion-dollar deal, M&A analysts Plimsoll have picked out 2 other companies that are highly attractive takeov...