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The Plimsoll Analysis lets you monitor competitors, identify potential acquisitions and see where you sit in your market - all in one convenient study

What will a Plimsoll Analysis show you?

The Plimsoll Analysis has been used by directors for three decades to give them the intelligence into their market. Whether it's for benchmarking or identifying an acquisition target, the Plimsoll Global Analysis gives instant insight into the world's largest companies.

What will a Plimsoll Analysis show you?

The Plimsoll Analysis has been used by directors and senior decision makers for almost three decades to give them the intelligence they need to make sense of the markets they operate in. Each month the analysis will be updated to give you the latest view of the market so you can:

  • See how your own company compares to others
  • Pick out the latest exciting acquisition prospects
  • Be alerted to companies that pose a threat
  • Get early warning of companies heading for failure
  • Spot exceptional performers in your market
  • Share the analysis with 5 colleagues

We use the Global Plimsoll Analysis to analyse our competitors throughout the world. The Plimsoll Analysis allows us to monitor the change in performance on a monthly basis and stay alerted to new opportunities in the market. quote

Gregor Rojs | Marketing Analyst | Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.
The Plimsoll Rating

The Plimsoll Rating enables you to identify 9 out of 10 failing companies 2 years in advance

Gain an instant opinion on the largest companies in the world through the Plimsoll Global Analysis. Each company is individually rated allowing you to see who is flourishing and who is heading for danger.

The Plimsoll Rating enables you to identify 9 out of 10 failing companies 2 years in advance

Choose the relevant Plimsoll Analysis for your Global industry and you will get an instant opinion on the financial health and prospects of the largest, most important companies. Each major company will have been rated as Strong, Good, Mediocre, Caution or Danger. These ratings will let you quickly see who is flourishing, who is heading for failure, what the strong are doing differently and much more.

No company escapes the Plimsoll Rating - 9 out of 10 companies currently in administration were rated "Danger" by Plimsoll up to 2 years prior to their demise.

The Plimsoll Chart is a very accurate way to measure overall financial strength and performance change year on year. I use it to identify distressed and poorly run companies. quote

Jonathon Jones | Commercial Director | Tregothnan
Plimsoll Rating

Company Values

Every company analysed in the Plimsoll Global Analysis is valued allowing you to see how much your company is worth compared to the rest of the competition.

Company values revealed

Every company in each Plimsoll Analysis is also valued. Plimsoll has been valuing companies for almost three decades and our easy to read valuations will let you:

  • See how much your own company is worth based on the latest data
  • Compare the value of every company to the rest of its market rivals
  • Separate companies increasing in value from those in decline
  • Determine a possible price for acquisition

I find the Plimsoll Valuation an extremely useful tool in support of my annual presentation to the external shareholders at the company Annual General Meeting. The report is always produced very quickly and provides all of the information the shareholders are interested to find out. quote

James Mullane | Richard Edwards Group LLP

See the best takeover targets

Identify the best takeover targets in your market through Plimsoll's acquisition score. Each company is analysed on nine key criteria giving you the opportunity to discover the best acquisition for you.

See the best takeover targets

Whether you're actively looking for takeovers or merger opportunities, the Plimsoll Analysis categorises an industry into 5 different categories:

  • High Value Targets - premium companies with high sales & profit
  • Market Share Targets - Fast growing takeover targets
  • Independent Targets - Smaller, private owned targets with sales under $200m
  • Loss Making Targets - loss making companies that could be bought & turned around
  • High Profit / Low Growth Targets - profitable targets that are struggling to grow

While subscribing to Plimsoll, we used the Plimsoll Analysis to benchmark our position within the market and used the Analysis for customer acquisition. Through the simple nature of TALAT, we managed to gain insight into a highly competitive market which has enabled us to secure new business. quote

Allister Mulligan | Director | Desk Warehouse
The Plimsoll Rating

Analyse your competitors

In just a click of a button, the Plimsoll Global Analysis will allow you to quickly identify:

  • The fastest growing players in the market
  • The industry's most profitable competitors
  • The "overtrading" companies that are chasing sales despite mounting losses

Analyse your competitors

In these highly competitive times, wouldn't you want an instant opinion on every company you compete with or trade against? Regardless of the industry you operate in the Plimsoll Analysis will give you an instant competitive advantage. Imagine the convenience of having an easy to read analysis that will show you:

  • The fastest growing players in the market
  • The most profitable competitors
  • The "overtrading" companies that are chasing sales despite mounting losses
  • What the strongest competitors are doing right

We use the Plimsoll Analysis to monitor competitors and find it very useful. The Analysis supplies us with rapid information on our industry. There are no gaps in your database and we find the monthly updates very beneficial. quote

Helmut Gschwentner | General Manager | Travel Europe
The Plimsoll Rating

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Thanks a lot for your supersonic response! It will be very useful in our Bench marking, M&A and Strategic Planning activities.

Manoj Mishra, President-Passenger Car Business, Omax Autos Limited, Gurgaon. (India)