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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

  • Whilst subscribing to Plimsoll, we used the Plimsoll Analysis to benchmark our position within the market and to compare our performance against our peers. Plimsoll’s insight gave us a competitive advantage into our market place and as such helped us win a prestigious management award from Deloitte.

    Karen Walker | Kestrel Foods Ltd
  • Thank you so much. I have to say, this tool has been a massive help in my planning. Next week I have presenting to the board. The power of this information and what I am building is significant.

    Derrick Trimble | Marketing Manager | ICEX Ltd
  • TALAT is becoming massively valuable as we compile all the players in the UK. Adding that 29 players bumped the market size from £670m to £710m!

    Derrick Trimble | Marketing Manager | ICEX Ltd
  • My experience with Plimsoll has been one of exemplary professional efficiency, and efficacious assistance. Their analysis gives truthful advice, sets a high bar of good accountability, honesty and good governance. Their Reports are structured and favour a particular course of valuation, which differs from many other operators, but has stood the test of time in a constantly moving financial landscape. Plimsoll provides good solid financial analysis, with sound foundations, sourcing and adaptation of good metrics, and contemporary ratios.

    Karim B
  • I find the Plimsoll Valuation an extremely useful tool in support of my annual presentation to the external shareholders at the company Annual General Meeting. The report is always produced very quickly and provides all of the information the shareholders are interested to find out.

    James Mullane | Richard Edwards Group LLP
  • We use the Global Plimsoll Analysis to analyse our competitors throughout the world. The Plimsoll Analysis allows us to monitor the change in performance on a monthly basis and stay alerted to new opportunities in the market.

    Gregor Rojs | Marketing Analyst | Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.
  • We use the Plimsoll Analysis to monitor competitors and find it very useful. The Analysis supplies us with rapid information on our industry. There are no gaps in your database and we find the monthly updates very beneficial.

    Helmut Gschwentner | General Manager | Travel Europe
  • While subscribing to Plimsoll, we used the Plimsoll Analysis to benchmark our position within the market and used the Analysis for customer acquisition. Through the simple nature of TALAT, we managed to gain insight into a highly competitive market which has enabled us to secure new business.

    Allister Mulligan Director | Desk Warehouse